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Tech i-com innovates technology as it's tagline say it all; Technology Inspiring Company! Life at Tech i-com is very cheerful, positive & energetic. We make process of getting products or services developed very simple and transparent with coll new features like, you can track what's going on inside company on your order by visiting appropriate link. You are also getting notified by text SMS on critical issues. Come let's together make your online presence more beautiful and memorable.

How We Help Others?

Utilities: Management firmly believe in betterment of youth and that's why they help them every possible way. Top management of Tech i-com provides free panel discussion and sharing of thoughts if anyone wants to know how to start a startup. Apart from that they provide newbies, with table, chair and free wifi.

Personal Attention: Mentorship is all about helping them who have great and innovative ideas but they lack of confidence and procedure for starting their idea. We at Tech i-com help the best idea to grow with us by providing financial support, suggestions and motivation.