Your Benefits

Worthy Investment

Its never bad to invest in growing stage company.

Invest in Young Blood

Youth is the most powerful weapon to deliver greatness.

Own a Company

Proud to own an IT company with % of holdings.

Higher Income

In compare to other savings, we assure you higher returns.

Guaranteed Earnings

Investing in a project or start-up turns in good very soon.

Best Utilization of Money

Rather to keep it in safe, invest in the next big thing!


Products need more fund for Research & Development than any other as it must be built with perfection and stability to fulfill all the desire of particular area. Investing in it can make you famous as donor, you will be in media after launch event and most important you will get offer up to 49% profit share in product sell as per your investment. Call (+91)-0265-2987878 OR mail us for more details.
India has the most creative and innovative youth. They have brilliant ideas and need finance for their start-up to grow. We at Tech i-com helping them in building their dreams and you can get up to 25% ownership of the start-up as per your investment. Call (+91)-0265-2987878 OR mail us for more details.
Almost all of the investors are more likely to invest in company. Investment in company means a lot for company. With your funding company can make promotional activities as a part of marketing, It can develop strong products by hiring experienced developers and many more thing. Currently we are offering Up to 10% investment in Tech i-com. Call (+91)-0265-2987878 OR mail us for more details.