Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, you need not to contact us for small queries. So we request you to kindly go throw this frequent questions, we have been asked so far. Can't find solution? Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Tech i-com is technology driven company and has 2 departments. One of them is Services Department & the other is Product development Department. You can check various services offered by us through navigation and products are listed on different page on

Although being a Start-up, Tech i-com manage all its services quite brilliantly as there is different techniques to handle every situation here. Every experts are mature enough to deal with customers. Apart from that, we first understand need of a customer and then suggest them suitable services and packages. There is nothing we are not offering to boost your online identity!

Tech i-com love technology and all that comes under word technology is offered by us. There are different sections or we can say departments for both services and products.

We are working 16 hours a day and even on Sundays except some important festivals. Our experts at Tech i-com try to deliver your order as soon as possible. We have facility to track down your order from your home, all about it's progress! Generally IT companies took about 12-15 working days to deliver 1st revision of any static website, instead we deliver the same with more high quality element within 5-6 days. That shows our expertise!

Our experts are inspired by our management everyday to deliver something unique and affordable. As per the company policy you have to submit 50% of payment at the time of placing an order, next 30% on first revision of your order and rest 20% on submission/completion of your order.

We are well known for our after order support. We have different types of support for our clients. We give basic AMC package FREE with every order, so that client can easily customize their order. We have Live chat for all our visitors & clients, WhatsApp support for premium clients and of course email support for everyone!

Our workshops are very productive and includes practical training. Our workshops are based on different categories, if the workshop is not in collage premises or sponsored by any institution or company, you can take part into it. This is & online registration details disclosed on our workshop page.

You don't need a single certificate, degree or anything! We see your passion to learn & you will get entry to our training sessions after passing simple online test. That's simple!